Dec 10, 2015

Explore, Record and Cherish with GoPro

At our Beach House, we want to help cultivate special moments and experiences that will stay with our guests long after the vacation is over. One way that we do this is by offering complimentary GoPro camera rentals, included in the Resort Fee. They are such a fun way to capture and document your memories on holiday!
There is so much to see on our beautiful island and our guests always tell us how much they love using the GoPro to record their adventures. One of our favorite spots is the Artificial Reef Project, which is just a short swim from our beachfront. It is the perfect setting to take breathtaking underwater photographs and shoot videos.
Available daily at 7am from our lobby, we invite guests to pick up a GoPro that can be used throughout the day. Our experts even offer GoPro novices a tutorial on how to make the most out of their camera! Guests are welcome to return the cameras at our lobby at 5pm, when we can also provide assistance with transferring photos and videos onto a portable device. This offering is on a first come, first served basis.
Check out our top five GoPro tricks below. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet!
Hold it steady. Because the GoPro is so small it can be difficult to keep it stable. If possible, attempt to hold the camera with two hands, ensure all mounts are tightened property and be aware of your movements. Slow and steady pans are preferable to shaky video footage.
Save the battery. Turn off WiFi on the camera when not in use. Shutting off the camera’s sound and red LED indicator lights when not needed will also help reserve the camera’s power. You can still tell when the camera is on by looking at the LCD screen. One good tip is to always carry a spare battery with you just in case!
Mounting options. There’s an incredible selection of mounts and accessories available: head strap, chesty, stick, floaty, waterproof case and dive filters. Have fun with it!
Lighting is everything. One very important factor to consider when taking pictures and filming is lighting. GoPros come with a range of settings for different lighting conditions.
Play with different angles. Change perspectives – sticking to one vantage point can be boring. You can get a more comprehensive view of what is happening using different angles and various mounts.
You can share your brilliant moments with your loved ones using #TravelBrilliantly #GoPro and don’t forget to tag us @GrandCaymanMarriott!

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