Jun 22, 2017

Cancer New Moon: Nourish What You Love

Exclusively written for the Beach House by Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz

With the summer solstice just behind us, it’s time to move our gaze from the sun to honor the inner warmth within — which is exactly the work of this Friday’s New Moon in Cancer.
Cancer rules the family, hearth, and home. This is emotional territory, but with Cancer, the energy favors action and ownership: what can you do to provide nourishment to those around you? How do efforts you make toward greater emotional stability in your home create noticeable, positive shifts in your public life and career?
Cancer is a sign ruled by the moon, which makes this New Moon a little extra special. As we well know, the moon wields enormous influence over our experience of the material world, with its impact extending from the bodies of water to our own bodies, whose mass is 70% water. The phases of the moon also influence our emotions: do you seem to get worked up around the time of the Full Moon? Feel tired or a little extra drained while the moon is waning? These energetic shifts have a strong influence on our emotions — an influence we’d do better to work with, rather than attempting to deny or resist them.
With the Sun in Cancer through mid-August, we are beginning to notice how our emotional hangups and shortcomings are getting in the way of our living our lives to the fullest. And by shortcomings, I mean those ways we fail to take an action we know might provide protection or nourishment to someone or something we love — our own selves included.
The bright light of summer brings us the energy and sight for taking stock of where we’ve arrived over the last half-year. Find some time to ask yourself: how can you give more, love more, nurture more? How can you create connection and flow where you need it most?
With Cancer being a water sign, there’s no better place to contemplate these questions and set your New Moon intentions this Friday than by the sea. The Dark Night event in Anchor & Den at Marriott’s Beach House in Cayman on June 23rd brings the sea right to your doorstep, with candles, sage, and sweet tracks to help you set high vibe intentions for the month ahead.

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