May 25, 2017

​Connecting with the Universe with Keysha Angel

When speaking to Keysha Angel about what she does, you can instantly sense the passion in her voice. A certified and licensed Spiritual Life Coach and certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, she helps people create a balance in their life so that they have a deeper connection to their body, mind, spirit, which leads them back to their soul. She loves listening to people and encouraging them to see the world in a different way by applying spiritual tools and principles to help work through life’s difficulties.
Here we speak to Keysha about what inspired her to become a Spiritual Life Coach and the exciting activity that she is offering at the one-year anniversary of our successful signature Dark Night event, taking place this Friday, 26 May.
Keysha graduated from the University of Toronto in 2000 and started working in Corporate Sales in Canada. The one thing that she enjoyed the most about her job was interacting with people and helping her customers. Keysha elaborated: “I always felt a strong connection to helping others and as I started my Corporate career many years ago, I began thinking on a deeper level, wondering what is my life purpose, there has to be a greater meaning to life. As I reflected over the years, the answer came through to me that I am here to help others’ with their lives and be of service. So I hung on to this answer for years with a quiet knowing. Then I decided I should become a coach and teacher of life, inspiring others’ to be confident and reach their true potential.”
When asked what she loves about being a Spiritual Life Coach, it all goes back to helping people on their journey. She said: “I am very passionate about helping people and I want to inspire people to reach their true potential and to become confident. Increasing self-love is a big thing that I like to focus on. After speaking to a lot of different people, I find that the road block is really self-love – working on ourselves is a task that never ends. The more that we can boost our self-esteem, the more confident we become and enhance all the areas in our life where we can be successful. And when we feel good, we send out that energy of love and light to others.”
Keysha unveiled her activity, ‘Connecting with the Universe’ at last month’s Dark Night evening. Her Angel Sessions with the use of Angel oracle cards piqued a lot of interest and guests were curious about how the session could help them. To put it simply, ‘Angels’ are the energy of love. They are a celestial (nonphysical) beings, also known as the egoless “Messengers of God”. The word ‘angel’ can be used interchangeably with the ‘Higher Source,’ the ‘Universe,’ ‘Mother Earth’ or any terminology that resonates with the person.
Keysha’s aim with Angel Sessions is to help people understand that they are not alone and they can get guidance from a source that is outside of themselves. She said: “People need to ask for help and they need to pay attention to the signs and symbols that are being sent by the Universe to help them on their journey. With Angel Cards, they are like a portal or a doorway to opening the conversation with the Universe; it is like a tool or an instrument that can be used. From there, I teach people how to connect regularly with the Universe or Angels, in any area of your life – whether that is for your career, your relationships, understanding your Life Purpose, your health, etc. But you just need to ask, listen and say thank you. It is about being curious in life and being open to learning new things.”
So what should people expect when they do an Angel Session with Keysha? She explained: “I am using a combination of my intuition and what I am hearing, seeing and feeling. Everybody can use their intuition to do this. Intuition is like a muscle and that is why meditation is important so we can work on strengthening it. Having quiet time for oneself and doing meditation are great ways to tap into listening to messages and getting answers to some of the questions that you have in your life. I am not doing anything – it is coming from a source greater than me and I am just channeling that and I am delivering the message to the people.”
The key to understanding and appreciating what Keysha does is to not to be afraid of trying new experiences. Especially in times of hardship and uncertainty, we need to be open to receiving guidance in unexpected places.
She concluded: “One of the mottos I live by “is to be the change that you want to see in the world” by Gandhi. It is important to aspire to be compassionate and full of joy. We are not going to be like this 24/7 but the more we try not to get stuck in negativity and anger and instead push forward with the energy of love, the more we will be able to reach our full potential and make our community and the world a better place.”
More information on Keysha can be found on her website.

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