May 4, 2016

From Darkness To Light

Interview with Dale Avery, Wellness Specialist
We are excited to be welcoming Ms. Dale Avery, a Wellness Specialist, to our Beach House this Friday for the launch of our signature Dark Night party. Here we discuss the importance of Natural Balance Wellness and what she does, along with the exciting activity she has planned for our event.
When clients ask Dale to define what she does, she admits that there is no simple answer. She said: “I clear people’s energy. My work is based on Body Balance and kinesiology so I listen to the body and my client’s energy, which in turn tells me what it needs to clear for them to feel content. There are times when our challenges are emotional issues such as stress, upset or anger. But most often it relates to things that have been stuck in our body for many years, sometimes from childhood, and we haven’t had the help or the understanding of how to clear it. The one thing to know is that we don’t need to understand all of these issues to clear them. It of course helps but there are just times when you don’t understand why you feel this way and we just want to feel better.”

Dale suggests we learn to trust our innate abilities and ask for guidance. She elaborates: “Caring and trusting for oneself is a large part of the healing process. Even when I have had clients who were initially hesitant, it is wonderful that with care the client tunes in and trusts that healing is within their reach. It is often the people who are more closed or have barriers that need my help the most. It is lovely that my wellness clients feel trust almost immediately. Once a client takes the steps to call Natural Balance Wellness, they probably feel that they are definitely taking the first step to clear emotional blockages. Once step at a time for balance and healing.” 
Dale discusses a number of reasons why Natural Balance is important as it can help us gain a clear understanding of how our energy works. She said: “When my clients take the first steps to want to clear their negative, or what I refer to as low energy, feelings this in turn can also help their families and friends.” She recommends an interesting book called Power verses Force by Dr. David Hawkins, which talks about how working on our own issues can help by bringing the whole world’s conscious level up by staying positive.
She believes that the theme of Dark Night is complementary for the kind of work that she does. She explains: “Everyone has energy. Our energy affects people. I work with the light, which I feel is higher energy. The most important thing is care and kindness. We don’t live in a perfect world but if you start by making things lighter for yourself, you can in turn start to make things lighter for your family and friends too. Working on yourself is the first step in making the world a better place!”

Dale is enthusiastic about Dark Night. “This kind of event has certainly not been done before in Cayman. I think it is perfect for those who are seeking clarity, wanting to set intentions and hoping to clear some negative energy.” 
During the evening, she will be assisting our guests in putting together vision boards. Vision boards depict the future you wish to create – a tangible representation of where you are going. It represents your dreams, goals and ideal life. Guests will be offered magazine cutouts of various images. They will then choose the pictures that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings and things that they want to attract in their life. After selecting the images, guests will have the opportunity to glue them on a vision board that they can take home with them as a reminder of their intentions.
This soul-searching exercise is a fun activity for guests to do on their own, with their partner or with friends. It is a fantastic way for them to illustrate their dreams visually. Because a person’s mind responds strongly to visual stimulation, by representing goals with pictures and images people can strengthen and inspire their emotions.
We welcome you to join Dale and the Beach House team for the unveiling of this much-anticipated event and enjoy an evening of Apothecary elixirs, holistic bites, stargazing and intention setting.

Dark Night, taking place during the New Moon every month. 
Launch party on Friday, 6 May from sunset. Follow us on Facebook this week for more details.

For more information on Dale and her work, you can visit her at her studio:
Natural Balance Ltd, located at 206A Centennial Towers, West Bay. 
You can also contact Dale on (345) 916-9355 or email for further information.

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