Aug 24, 2017

Leo New Moon: A Powerful Re-Start

Exclusively written for the Beach House by Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz

The August 21st solar eclipse in Leo — the celestial event of the year — is your opportunity to come into alignment with your heart’s true path, and to set intentions for a new way forward.

The solar eclipse is the second New Moon in Leo this year (you can check out last month’s post for a review of the themes in play). Eclipses present a concentration of energy unmatched by typical New and Full Moon lunations. We look to eclipses to precipitate major endings and beginnings — with solar eclipses in particular, though, the focus is on new beginnings.       

New Moons occur when the Moon and Sun align, uniting our conscious and unconscious levels of awareness and enabling us to use our intuitive powers to creatively envision and have a hand in creating our own future-possible.
A solar eclipse is a result of an even tighter alignment between the Earth, Sun and Moon, resulting in an intensification and concentration of those powerful New Moon energies. The alignment is so tight, in fact, that the usually steady stream of the sun’s solar energy is blocked by the Moon, destabilizing our habitual energetic patterns and providing us an opportunity to reset our intentions and desires in a powerful new way.
Whatever is no longer in alignment with your path (relationships, jobs, housing arrangements, you name it) stands a solid chance of sloughing off at this time. It’s worth the effort to get really honest with yourself about what in your experience is and isn’t in alignment for you. A solar eclipse is like a super-powered New Moon, so if we aren’t honest with ourselves, we’re going to be powered by jet propulsion into massive change we aren’t necessarily on board with.
Take the time to really envision what you want your future to look like. Use the themes described in last month’s post to jumpstart your imagination. Then find a sacred environment to set your intentions. If you’re in Grand Cayman, head over to the Dark Night event this Friday in Anchor & Den at the Marriott’s Beach House, and write out your intentions amid burning sage and candles, deep vibrating tunes and the cleansing ocean air.

However you choose to honour this powerful period, keep your mind focused on growth, on the future, and everything you desire to bring to fruition.                    

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