Oct 19, 2017

Libra New Moon: Finding Balance

Exclusively written for the Beach House by Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz

The Libra New Moon is a powerful opportunity to invite more balance, beauty and harmony into your life through your close relationships. Libra is the sign that rules how we relate with and partner with the most important people in our lives — but it also rules the open enmities and oppositional forces with whom we can’t seem to make things work.

This New Moon is the perfect opportunity to invite changes to your own bad habits and vices that have prevented you from finding balance. It’s yet another reminder that we can’t change those around us; we can only begin where we were, with ourselves.

This is a vital time to work to resolve your conflicts with others, and set the foundation for how you want to show up in your relationships in the future. A good way to begin with this energy might be to make note of the moments you’ve found yourself losing your balance in relationships recently: who or what is involved? Is it environmental? Relationship-based or situational? These lines of inquiry can help you discern where to begin with your intentions.

What do you wish to call more of into your life? How might you create better balance and better relationships in your life? Craft your intentions in response to what you discover.

The Dark Night event this Friday at Anchor & Den in Marriott’s Beach House is a fantastic place to do this deep inner work. Let the creative atmosphere of candles, burning sage and deep tunes inspire you to reach fresh for heights in your relationships.

Now is the time to do what’s necessary to find the fundamental peace within you that invites expansion toward the shared future-possible and find greater harmony in your relationships.

Use the grace that is available to all of us now to find your way forward.

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