Mar 23, 2017

March’s New Moon: A Fresh Start

Exclusively written for the Beach House by Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz

With the Aries New Moon heralding the arrival of a brand new zodiacal year, on this Dark Night you should centre your intentions on the self, and what you desire to achieve over the course of the next twelve months.

Aries season begins each year on the the spring equinox as our days find a place of perfect balance after the consuming darkness of winter. The return of the light creates a sense of possibility within us, an infusion of courage and warmth. Our focus shifts from the underground, interior realm of our inner thoughts and dreams, and turns instead to action, progress, and the process of physically manifesting our internal world in our everyday reality.

Aries has a warrior-like energy, with a strong initiatory vibration that catalyses a fresh quest for adventure — and nowhere is this quality more evident than springtime in the natural world as it explodes into blossoms and new growth. Spring’s arrival pushes us to charge ahead with our ambitions, to evolve and propel ourselves forward in order to beat back the chilly immobility of the winter.

In sum? There is tremendous evolutionary power available here.

Use this time to re-commit to yourself as sacred, pure and whole in the Now. Guide your intentions toward what most excites you, right here, right now, in this moment. What adventure is calling out to you? What challenges are you game to take on? This is about growth. About inspiration. And about the courage to charge after your dreams.

Crafting a ritual to support your intentions can help you ground this new energy. Which is why the Dark Night event on Friday, March 24 in Anchor & Den at the Marriott’s Beach House in Cayman — complete with burning sage, deep tunes, and a holistic community committed to self-transformation — is a brilliant fresh start fire starter.

This is one of the most potent times of year to plant deep creative visions for the future. Honour the earth. Honour your inner indefatigable spirit. And create space for what’s to come.

Article exclusively written for the Beach House by Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz.

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