Nov 16, 2017

Scorpio New Moon: Rolling in the Deep

Exclusively written for the Beach House by Lennon Mara of Moon + Quartz

The Scorpio New Moon is a powerful opportunity to transform those areas in your life holding you back from your fullest expression of self.

Every fall, the shift from Libra energies (sign of social graces and relationships, charm and lightness) into Scorpio energies (sign of intimacy, death, secrets, and sex) marks a high-definition, high-contrast shift. During those late summer months, it’s so easy to rush toward the dreams that seemed so close-at-hand, so imminently possible — we catch ourselves halfway believing that the rest of our lives might proceed with the ease of a long and lolling summer afternoon!

By the time we arrive at Scorpio season, we re-discover what was there waiting for us all along: a quiet, insistent tug of energy calling to us from someplace deep and still, inviting us into a new transformation so we can embody more complete, more integrated versions of ourselves.

The beginning of Scorpio season marks a subtle shift in our motivations from doing what looks right, to doing what feels right. It’s a time that teaches us that we must transform our fears and trepidations into potent fuel for our own transformation, rather than letting those fears keep us frozen in place. Scorpio territory isn’t always comfortable — but the lessons we learn through facing our fears brings richer benefits than anything we might achieve by avoiding them.

Meditate on the themes outlined here: what fears do they trigger? Where do you experience trepidation? What subconscious resistance do you find? After you’ve peered deep into your shadow, consider: what do you wish to call more of into your life? Craft your intentions in response to what you discovered about fear.  

If you’re in Grand Cayman, The Dark Night event this Friday in Anchor & Den at Marriott’s Beach House is a fantastic place to do this deep work. With a like-minded community, fresh ocean air, and burning sage, you’ll cleanse and uplift your spirit as you prepare for a fresh new start.

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