Jan 8, 2016

Travel and Become a Storyteller: The Beach House Wanderlust Diaries 2016

At our Beach House, we have wanderlust running through our veins. We are a collective of dreamers, adventurers and escapists – yearning for the exhilaration that comes from trying something new or discovering a new taste or flavor. We are in love with cities we’ve never been to and people we have never met.
To commemorate the beginning of 2016, we hosted our signature NYE event, Wander 2016: A Year to Travel. The inspiration for the event centered on our passion for travelling and our love for new experiences. It was an unforgettable evening, filled with unique culinary delights and fantastic entertainment.
Before the 31st of December, we launched our Wander City Guides 2016 on social media. We provided insight on the top things to do in our favorite places, including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Melbourne. We also handed out these stylish City Guides to all our guests who attended the NYE event along with Travel Resolutions cards. It was a magical night!
We are continuing the celebration of discovery by exploring new corners of the world to seek inspiration. Throughout 2016, we will be documenting our adventures in a new blog series called ‘The Beach House Wanderlust Diaries.’ Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our blog to hear all about our latest escapades!

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