Jan 11, 2017

Anchor & Den On Fire At This Year’s Cayman Cookout

For this year’s Cayman Cookout, Anchor & Den is delighted to be participating in the “Around The World With Anthony Bourdain” event, taking place on Friday, 13 January from 11:30am–1:30pm at the Ritz Carlton. Chef Anthony Bourdain will be discussing international and local flavours with Cayman’s most acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs, including our very own culinary team.
We have chosen to represent the country of Argentina and will be showcasing a number of traditional dishes, including beef and humita empanadas and short rib asador – exquisitely barbecued to perfection.
The Argentinean tradition of cooking with fire is one that lies close to the heart and home. Grilled meat from the asado (barbecue) makes up a typical meal in many households across the country and the work and time required can easily be considered a labour of love.
With many things that involve food, cooking with fire is one that goes beyond simply grilling meat over a barbecue. It is a long-standing ritual that most Argentinean families do together on the weekends. It is not only a means to creating a wonderful meal to be shared amongst loved ones; it is also a social gathering where friends congregate by the fire to exchange stories over drinks and small bites.
It is the legendary Argentinean Chef Francis Mallmann who said that “fire is such a fragile and beautiful thing” and he “believe(s) that the ability to cook meat over a wood fire is inborn in all of us.” He was raised in a house in Patagonia that was “ruled by fire” and now he is known around the world for cooking with it.
Chef Santiago Mancini (who hails from Argentina) and the team at Anchor & Den were inspired by Mallmann’s passion for cooking with fire and wanted to showcase their unique version of these Argentinean dishes.
We hope that you check us out at Friday’s Around the World event! For more information, please visit the Cayman Cookout website.

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