Jul 6, 2017

Beach House DIY: How To Decorate Your Table For A Dinner Party

At our Beach House, we love to host gatherings and have friends over to share a delicious meal. We believe that throwing a dinner party is one of the best ways to catch up with loved ones. Some people choose to slave away at the kitchen to create a gourmet meal, others leave the cooking to the experts and order in. Either way, nothing beats sitting down with your nearest and dearest and reconnecting over some good grub.
One thing that doesn’t take too much time or money is making your table look special. Here are some simple ideas on how to beautify your table setting without breaking the bank.
Creative containers
Place colourful flowers from your garden (or from a friend’s – we won’t tell!) in an unused serving piece such as a teapot or soup tureen. Our signature Beach House style involves white roses and lush green foliage as center pieces – we love their crisp and clean look.
Light up the night
At our Beach House, we are partial to white candles in all shapes and sizes – from tea lights, hurricane candles, floating candles in glass jars; you name it! Light up the evening and create a warm and intimate ambience with this beautiful feature.
Eclectic silverware and glassware
One of our fave Beach House looks is a white-washed table adorned with a collection of different kinds of glasses and silverware. We like to call our style bohemian-chic – and our guests love it as well!
Floating fruit
Float bright red or green apples in large, clear-glass vases (filled to different levels) for a whimsical still life. Or nix the water completely and just fill the vases to the brim with fruit. Our personal favourite is a collection of lemons and limes. Besides being a fun color combination they smell great!
Sweet stash
Fill a bucket with sand (not difficult to find in Cayman!) and insert a ‘bouquet’ of colorful lollipops.
Messages in chalk
If your table is a dark color, use chalk to write special messages for the guests or to highlight or explain specific food items.
Wishing well
If you are celebrating a particular individual at the dinner party (someone’s birthday or anniversary, etc), this is a nice one to use, as it is interactive. Pass around strips of paper around six inches long and ask guests to write a message or a wish for that person. Twist the papers around a pen to curl them and them place them in a large bowl. The guest of honour can read the messages aloud during dessert.
At our Beach House, we are proud of the Special Events that we organize for our guests. We take pleasure in every detail and pour all our love and effort into making each occasion unique and memorable. For more information about our Energy Meetings (our distinctive take on business meetings and conferences) and Special Events, click here.

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