Apr 3, 2015


Easter is a wonderful time to be in Grand Cayman and an even better time to be at our Beach House surrounded by friends and family.  This year we are excited to host our first Easter celebration in our transformed Beach House with a delicious Easter brunch and a party for the kiddos!
Let’s start with a bit about where the word Easter comes from and the meaning behind some of our modern day traditions that surround the holiday.  Like has anyone ever wondered why we celebrate with a bunny who lays eggs??  Well, according to one story the word Easter came from a goddess of fertility named Eostre.  There are many variations of her name, but the root for all of them comes from the word “eastre” meaning “spring”.  Which is why we celebrate during this time of year.  And the story of the Easter Bunny – who lays eggs – comes from Eostre as well.  One cold, snowy day Eostre was wandering through a forest when she came across a bird that was dying in freezing snow.  To help the little bird Eostre turned him into a rabbit so that his soft, fluffy coat would keep him warm and safe from the cold.  And according to the story, because he was once a bird, he still laid eggs.  So to show his appreciation for saving his life, the rabbit decorated the eggs and left them for his friend Eostre. This is also how the Easter egg hunt was born, looking for the eggs the rabbit hid for the goddess.
Another tradition that started long ago is the Sunday feast, usually including an Easter Ham.  Well have we got a feast for you this Sunday at Anchor & Den!  We will be serving a fantastic brunch to our guests, however this Easter brunch will have some extra scrumptious selections, our chefs have been creating some masterpieces in preparation for Easter. We all know that no brunch is complete without some bubbles so enjoy bottomless glasses of De Chanceny’s Cremant de Loire, you’ll be sure to eat and drink to your heart’s content this Easter!
While the adults in your group will love indulging in culinary delights at our brunch, the little ones are sure to be more excited about the activities that we will have planned for them!  The fabulous Kids Club team will be hosting its Hoppin’ Children’s Easter Party.  The kids will enjoy Easter crafts and games, making edible birdhouses with Peeps, a visit from the Easter Bunny and hunting for Easter eggs in our courtyard!
We are greatly looking forward to celebrating the Easter holiday with our guests this year at our Beach House.  From brunching to egg hunting there will be plenty of fun for everyone!

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