Nov 4, 2014


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ― Eckhart Tolle
In anticipation of Cayman Thanksgiving, which is taking place this year on Sunday 7 December, the Beach House team is very excited to be unveiling a one-of-its-kind Boulangerie Brunch. Our inaugural brunch will take place on Sunday, 30 November in the Den from 11:30am. As well as marking the end of the hurricane season, Cayman Thanksgiving is a weekend-long national celebration bringing together family, friends and neighbours to express gratitude and thanks.
2014 represents a significant milestone for the Cayman Islands as we mark a decade since the passage of Hurricane Ivan and five years since Hurricane Paloma. With more than $3 billion in damages, Ivan left an indelible mark on the Cayman community – our islands had more than the combined losses of Grenada, the Bahamas and Jamaica. Ivan’s passage had a devastating impact on the lives of Caymanians, destroying homes and businesses. Yet despite these affects, the Cayman community banded together and quickly recovered.
At our Beach House, we are encouraging both locals and visitors alike to gather and embrace Cayman’s past and heritage. As an open invitation for all to experience Caymanian culture first-hand, it is a way for us to reach out not only within our community but also beyond and welcome others to experience a connection to our islands and the Cayman way of life.
The inspiration behind Boulangerie is derived from the love of charcuterie, regional cheeses and homemade baked breads while incorporating locally grown produce. We are pairing these true deli specialties with glasses of De Chanceny’s Cremant de Loire for a joyous celebration.
Let’s give thanks the Cayman way!
For more information on Cayman Thanksgiving, visit their website. And for updates on our first Boulangerie Brunch, follow us on Facebook.

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