Dec 16, 2016

Holiday Experience Programme for ​Awakening 2017: A Year With Intention

Communal. Free-Spirited. Purposeful
At our Beach House, the New Year is very meaningful to us and every year we have a different theme and focus. For 2016, we travelled to the different corners of the world to seek inspiration with Wander 2016: A Year To Travel. Our experiences have been full of adventure, surprise, joy and mystery – and we have cherished every moment of it.
For 2017, we are still continuing the theme of discovery, but this time within. We will be exploring our mind and discovering versions of ourselves that we never knew existed. We want 2017 to be a year of Awakening. Amid all the craziness that is called life, we are looking within to find our inner peace.
For Awakening 2017: A Year With Intention, we are gathering our friends and loved ones, releasing our Free Spirit and finding Purpose in the small acts that make up the fabric of our lives.
We welcome you to experience an Awakening to the abundance that surrounds us. From the 19th of December to the 5th of January, we will be curating unique moments that we hope will continuing inspiring you long after your time with us is over. Our carefully planned Holiday Experience Programme contains details about our activities and Food & Beverage offerings and is defined by individual Acts, which will help shape your memories with us. These Acts have been guided by four key emotions and states of mind: Letting Go, Intention Setting, Being In The Moment and Wanderlust-ing.
Letting Go
Letting Go (verb): To allow (something) To move, act, or flow freely.
The first part of the process of Awakening focuses on letting go of the old and welcoming the new. We encourage releasing and relaxing. It is when we allow ourselves to exhale that we can open ourselves to new possibilities.
Activities and culinary experiences include: Sunrise Yoga With A Purpose – rise with the sun and awaken your inner peace, Apothecary Happy Hour – let loose and get into the holiday spirit and our Kids Club Pajama Party – release your kids for the evening!
Intention Setting
Intention (noun): Something that is intended; purpose; design.
Intention setting is a major component to Awakening. It is during times of self-exploration and awareness that we truly discover our hopes and dreams for the future.
Activities include: Family Vision Boards – illustrate your dreams and raise the power of our intentions with our popular Vision Board activity, Awakening 2017: Lantern Ceremony – a tradition that we look forward to every year, which takes place on our beachfront on New Year’s Eve and our Intention Trees – hang your intention card on one of our trees throughout the resort and send it off into the universe!
Being In The Moment
Being In The Moment (state of mind): The practice of mindfulness and being aware of what is going on right here and now.
Reconnection and celebrating love are fundamental for Awakening. At our Beach House, enjoying the present moment is one of our mantras. Give yourself permission to embrace the ‘now.’
Activities and culinary experiences include: Boulangerie Brunch – reconnect with loved ones in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while enjoying fabulous food and drinks, Starry Night Beach Bonfire – our signature bonfire under the beautiful Caribbean night sky is the perfect setting to reconnect with friends old and new and our Sunset Sip & Paint activity – drink in the horizon with the perfect view of the magical Cayman sunset while channeling your inner-Monet.
Wanderlust (noun): A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.
Our play on the word ‘Wanderlust’ describes our passion to discover new places and pursuits for inspiration. It is only when we expose ourselves with the unfamiliar that we can finally experience Awakening.
Activities and culinary experiences include: Symbol Pottery Painting – choose from a variety of symbols and tokens that represent your intentions for 2017, Beach House Bath Salts – create your own Beach House scent using different essential oils and Stargazing – observe the beauty and mystery of the cosmos on our beach, led by the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society.

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