Dec 8, 2017

Holiday Experience Programme for Kinship 2018: A Year To Get Consciously Cozy

Create magic in the ordinary.
As we prepare to say goodbye to 2017, we look back over the last 12 months with lightness and love. Awakening 2017: A Year With Intention, provided us with the perfect opportunity to look within to find our inner calm. We explored our minds and searched our souls to uncover versions of ourselves that we never knew existed. Now at the dawn of a new year, we want to harness all the lessons we have learnt and apply them to our daily rituals. For 2018, we are discovering the secrets to everyday happy living.
We were inspired by the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (pronounced “hoo-gah”), which is a quality of presence and an experience of belonging and togetherness. It is a feeling of being cozy, warm, comforted and safe. It’s a feeling of engagement and relatedness, of belonging to the moment and to each other. Hygge is a sense of abundance and contentment. Hygge is about being, not having.
Simple pleasures evoke hygge – an evening walk on the beach, letting the sun dry your skin after a dip in the sea, a bike ride at sunset. It is about having less, enjoying more; the pleasure of simply being.
At our Beach House, we deeply believe that hygge has always been a cornerstone of our way of life. For years Cayman has nourished the CaymanKind philosophy of living. Our key themes of being present, authenticity, connection, togetherness, community, kinship, warmth and coziness – are all those which underpin hygge. The care and consideration that we put into creating a cozy atmosphere at our Beach House, from the artwork and collectibles that adorn our walls to the small thoughtful details that are scattered throughout the resort – all stem from that feeling of kindness. The comforting and nourishing dishes that are lovingly made in our kitchen for our guests are done with kindness and care in mind. Finally, our philosophy around hospitality and how we pamper our guests and make them feel like they are at home is all in the spirit of CaymanKind. Now that we know that hygge is a concept that lies deep in the heart of Danish culture, we – like many other places around the world – are adopting this way of life and making it our own.
For Kinship 2018: A Year To Get Consciously Cozy, we are going back to the basics. We are creating magic in the ordinary. We are surrounding ourselves with comfort and coziness. We are committing to the present moment in its simplicity. We are taking pleasure in the small things in life and aspiring to make everyday tasks more dignified, joyful and beautiful. And this is a culture that we want to impart to our guests. We thought the word ‘kinship’ fits well with the theme because they represent community and one’s family, friends and loved ones – and that is exactly who we want to be share these special moments with.
From the 18th of December to the 4th of January, we will be curating unique moments that we hope will inspire you to relax and connect with yourself as well as others. With this Programme, we welcome you to experience our way of life and embrace our CaymanKind-inspired lifestyle. It contains details of our activities and Food & Beverage offerings and is defined by our Secrets to everyday happy living.
These Secrets have been inspired by what we believe are the five universal themes of our local kindness: Find Tranquility, Create Abundance, Treasure Togetherness, Embrace Comfort and Choose Kindness and Positivity.
Celebrate the end of 2017 by joining us in our pursuit of everyday happiness and make 2018 the best yet.
Find Tranquility
We encourage our guests to relax and let go. We believe it is within these moments of peace that we can truly appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
Activities and culinary experiences include: Meditation – led by our friends at Bliss Yoga Cayman, enjoy a guided meditation session on the beach as the sun goes down, Macrame – get in touch with your creative side and try your hand at our unique version of macramé – a modern twist on the traditional art of knotting cords or strings to make jewelry or decorative pieces and Drinks at A&D – featuring Apothecary-inspired holiday specials, join us for a delicious tipple (or two) at our cozy bar.
Create Abundance
At our Beach House, we think that the secret to having it all is knowing you already do. We like to believe that too much of a good thing is a very good thing.
Activities include: Intention Tree – at our Beach House, we believe that our intention creates our reality. Hang your intention card on one of our trees throughout the resort and send it off into the universe, Gratitude Journals – we will be helping guests document happy moments in this wonderful activity and the Sacred Cacao Ritual and Fire Dance Ceremony – our friends at Satori Journeys will lead this unique ceremony that involves drinking high quality cacao from Guatemala.
Treasure Togetherness
We enjoy doing things that we love surrounded by the people we love. To us, treasuring togetherness is like hugging without touching.

Activities and culinary experiences include: Beach Bonfire – we love our bonfires under the Caribbean night sky; it is the perfect setting to reconnect with family and friends, Boulangerie Brunch – reconnect with loved ones in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere while enjoying fabulous food and drinks and Asado – the Argentinean tradition of cooking with fire is one that lies close to the heart and home; join us for this unique culinary experience at our oceanfront restaurant, Veranda.
Embrace Comfort
We like to be spontaneous and informal at our Beach House. We believe that there is comfort in imperfection, in lived-in places and familiar faces.

Activities and culinary experiences include: Scented sachets – Make your own scented sachets with dried flowers and spices that can be used to aid in relaxation and sleep or to be placed in clothes drawers to keep items smelling sweet and fresh, Bonboneria – At our Beach House, we are in love with chocolate. Our Bonboneria features exquisite chocolates and truffles made by our in-house Chocolatier, Denise and A&D Coffee – we love reconnecting with loved ones over a yummy cup of coffee. We are proud to introduce our very own exclusive signature coffee in collaboration with Paradise Coffee, a locally-based distributor.
Choose Kindness and Positivity
The readiness to see life from a positive perspective is a major pillar of the CaymanKind-inspired lifestyle. At our Beach House, we try not to pursue happiness as a goal, but as a way of being.
Activities include: Dark Night – during the New Moon every month we create a sacred space and dim the lights at Anchor & Den for an evening of candlelight, vibrating tunes and intention setting. We believe that sharing a sacred space helps magnify the power of our intentions, Sunset Ritual – the Cayman sunset always captivates a passionate audience and you often see admirers sitting along the beach just to watch this nightly ritual. Join us on our beachfront to say farewell to another beautiful day in paradise, Sunrise Yoga – rise with the sun and start off your day with positivity and light. Sessions are led by our friends at Bliss Yoga Cayman and are held on the deck next to the Vista Bar, facing Seven Mile Beach.

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