Dec 31, 2019

Looking back at Abundance 2019: A Year to Honour Your Fullest Self

As another year in paradise draws to a close, we are counting all the reasons that we have to be grateful. It has been a crazy, beautiful journey; with its highs and lows – but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

This year, we focused on being more self-aware with Abundance 2019: A Year to Honour Your Fullest Self. We believe that the true meaning of abundance goes beyond just simply having or acquiring more; it is bigger and more all-encompassing than that. Abundance is a feeling – it is something that is already there that just needs to be tapped in to. Abundance is gratitude and seeing the richness in every moment. Abundance is love. And more and more, people are realizing that abundance is a choice.

Throughout the year, we honoured this by celebrating what we believe are the Paths to Abundance: Positivity, Vitality, Goodness and Balance. And we did this with the medium of poetry. We love how poems describe the world around us in a simple but meaningful way, with the use of beautiful imagery and metaphor. We thought it was the perfect way to talk about the themes of Abundance, in a way that resonates with us. Make sure to look back on these blog posts for inspiration on how to live your life in Abundance!

Reminiscing about the last 12 months, we learnt so much about ourselves – our strengths, failings, dreams and fears. We also channeled all our energy in finding and speaking our truth. The result was an internal awakening that gave us the courage to open our eyes and lead with the heart – which brings us to where we are today.

For 2020, we are not only giving ourselves the permission to be our true, authentic selves; we are igniting our own personal rebellion. Life consist of layers of obstacles that we have to overcome on a daily basis. Every experience presents an opportunity to either conform with the rules or stand up for what we believe in. It permeates every fiber of our existence and influences all our decisions; big and small.

We hope our newest theme, Go Rogue 2020: A Year To Unleash Your Inner Rebel, is a welcomed departure from the strong foundation in our personal growth and spiritual development that we built over the last few years.

We can’t wait kick off the New Year by choosing to be brave, curious and take risks. For 2020, join us as we ignite our own personal rebellion!

“Live life according to your own light.”

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