Dec 29, 2018

Looking Back at Kinship 2018: A Year to Get Consciously Cozy

As another year in paradise draws to a close, we are counting all the reasons that we have to be grateful. Even with its highs and lows, we are reminiscing about the last 12 months with so much fondness and appreciation.

This year, we focused our energy on discovering the secrets to everyday happy living with Kinship 2018: A Year to Get Consciously Cozy. We pursued our dream to create magic in the ordinary and we strived to make everyday tasks more dignified, joyful and beautiful.

We were inspired by the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ (pronounced “hoo-gah”), which is a quality of presence and an experience of belonging and togetherness. It is a feeling of being cozy, warm, comforted and safe. It’s a feeling of engagement and relatedness, of belonging to the moment and to each other. Hygge is a sense of abundance and contentment. Hygge is about being, not having.
Simple pleasures evoke hygge – an evening walk on the beach, letting the sun dry your skin after a dip in the sea, a bike ride at sunset. It is about having less, enjoying more; the pleasure of simply being. At our Beach House, we deeply believe that hygge has always been a cornerstone of our way of life.

Throughout the year, we honoured the concept of hygge by diving into the different elements of our Kinship Manifesto, which we believe is the perfect blueprint for finding happiness in simple but meaningful moments. 

We also became nostalgic for our childhood with Kinship Kids, where the Beach House team had the pleasure of visiting Ms Tatum’s 1st grade class at Cayman International School to talk to her students about what makes them happy. They excitedly told us all about a happy memory and even drew us pictures! It took us back to the 7-year old version of ourselves and we loved reminiscing about how it was to be young at heart. Their innocence and appreciation for simple joys also humbled us and reminded us how our perspective of everyday happy living has changed over the years.

Finally, we explored what we believed are the Five Secrets to Everyday Happy Living: Find Tranquility, Create Abundance, Treasure Togetherness, Embrace Comfort and Choose Kindness and Positivity.

In our efforts to embrace Kinship and find joy and substance even in the simplest moments, we found ourselves to be more present and appreciative of the people in our lives and our surroundings. Instead of just living day to day, we found ourselves to be relishing the silence in between conversations and the pauses in between moments. Whereas before these instances would appear mundane and perhaps even meaningless, we instead found beauty and significance.

At our Beach House, we thrive to continue this journey of self-awareness and expression with our theme, Abundance 2019: A Year to Honour Your Fullest Self. 

We are all about the word ‘abundance’ at our Beach House. The true meaning of abundance goes beyond just simply having or acquiring more; it is bigger and more all-encompassing than that. Abundance is a feeling – it is something that is already there that just needs to be tapped in to. Abundance is gratitude and seeing the richness in every moment. Abundance is love. And more and more, people are realising that abundance is a choice. 

We are true believers that when you live in a state of abundance your life will take on a whole new perspective. You will start to see opportunity where others see darkness, you will see beauty all around you and you will appreciate all that you have and all that is to come into your life.

We can’t wait to kick off the New Year with Abundance on our mind and Love in our hearts.

“You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” Deepak Chopra

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