Mar 6, 2019

Love and Abundance

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi

At our Beach House, we are true believers in love and abundance for all. We trust in the simple truth that when you live in a state of abundance your life will take on a whole new perspective. You will start to see opportunity where others see darkness, you will see beauty all around you and you will appreciate all that you have and all that is to come into your life.
For us, abundance is a feeling – it is something that is already there that just needs to be tapped into. Abundance is gratitude and seeing the richness in everyday moments. And most importantly, abundance is love. And we think our theme for the year, Abundance 2019: A Year to Honour Your Fullest Self, couldn’t be more perfect for the mindset that we are currently in.

We also believe that if you want to attract love and abundance into your life, understanding the basics of quantum physics will help you tune into this. According to Scientist and Therapist Laura Berman in her bestselling book, Quantum Love, we are all made up of pure energy. That energy makes up our physical bodies as well as our thoughts and emotions, and it is in constant vibration at varying speeds, or frequencies. The energy of our bodies, thoughts and emotions is unbelievably powerful, and it attracts things into our consciousness that are vibrating at the same frequency, like tuning forks that come together to sound a single note. So what does this mean about love? Everything! Your mate is in your life because your personal vibrations have pulled you into each other’s world. He or she is ultimately in harmony with you. Each of you have the power to affect the other’s energy – and by virtue of affecting each other’s energy, you actually affect each other’s physical, mental and emotional frequency.

It seems that the relatively recent science of quantum physics has proven what spiritual teachings have been preaching for centuries – that rather than just individual, separate, and accidental particles of matter, we are actually all part of an interconnected field of energy that’s fluid but affected by each part of the whole. The magnitude of this realization may place a certain collective responsibility on us, but it also reaffirms the power we have to create our reality.

Therefore, some of the ways that we can attract more love and abundance is by incorporating the following four principles into our life. When these become your core beliefs, love and abundance can quickly and easily become your reality. (Source:
1.“I Am Worthy”

To attract unlimited love and abundance, you must be able to receive it with open arms. Believing you’re somehow unqualified to have beautiful things and a fantastic life blocks the positive experiences you desire. It also magnetically attracts unpleasant experiences that confirm your belief of unworthiness.

When you abide in the truth that you are more than enough as you are, your eyes will open to all the marvelous wonders in your life.

2.“I Love Others”

Knowing that we are all part of an interconnected and interdependent field of energy, the more love we bring to that field will result in more love manifesting in our reality. The love you’re generating becomes the energy, or frequency, you resonate with. In other words, you become a magnet for all things love.

3.“I Enjoy Giving”

When you learn to fall in love with the act of giving, you become attuned to the feeling of being abundant because you’re acting on the faith that you have more than enough.

This kind of giving is more than just paying the bills to avoid the consequences or donating to charity because it’s the right thing to do. When the act of giving feels uplifting to you, you feel abundant. You feel wealthy. When you give openly, you’re affirming a reality in which you have the energy, time, health, and wealth to offer because your cup is already full.
4.“I’m Grateful For and Love My Life Now”

It’s perfectly fine to wish for a change in certain life circumstances or to want to manifest something different in your reality. However, the way to attract love and abundance is to come from the energy of already feeling fulfilled.

By practicing the art of being grateful for everything you love about your life now, you enjoy the journey you’re on now and no longer put off the happiness you desire for a later time.


Quantum Love By Laura Berman, P.H. D

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