Jan 10, 2019

Perfecting The Art of Renewal At Our Beach House

At our Beach House, we can’t believe that we are already almost half way through January! With this year’s theme Abundance 2019: A Year To Honour Your Fullest Self, we have been channeling all our energy over the last few days on renewal and getting in the right headspace to feel the best version of ourselves. We are strong believers in the philosophy that the best time for new beginnings is now.

There are so many ways that you can perfect the art of Renewal and pursue your path to Abundance at our Beach House. Here are the top five activities that are on our list!

Feeling Pampered At Botanika Union

For the ultimate renewal ‘makeover,’ we love spending time at Botanika Union, our version of a unique spa experience. B/U is a unified movement for holistic travelers and vitality seekers looking to enhance their health, spiritual wellbeing and joy. From invigorating massage treatments to brightening facials, it is guaranteed that you will walk away feeling like a new person! Plus, we are obsessed with the amazing Naturopathica products that are used during all the treatments. Their philosophy is inspired by herbalism and beauty rooted in wellness. Naturopathica believes in the power of plants and is committed to clean and sustainable ingredients – which is right up our alley!

Meditating At Sunrise
Luckily for us in Cayman, our beautiful surroundings can help inspire renewal. Our Sunrise Meditation sessions are the perfect opportunity to wake up early and set our positive intentions for the day, while reconnecting with ourselves and revitalizing our souls.

Getting a Vitality Boost at our Juice Bar
One of the ways that we like getting a vitality boost in the morning and feel renewed is with a fresh juice from our Juice Bar! There are so many unhealthy and processed breakfast options out there that we wanted to be different and provide our guests with nourishing and wholesome food in the morning. We are excited to be offering new and fun flavours weekly – just ask Beth our Juice Tender what her recommendation is for the day. She handcrafts our juices by scratch as you wait. It is such a great way to kick start a beautiful day in paradise.

Spending A Day At The Beach
There is a simple joy that comes from spending the day on the beach. Basking in the energizing sunshine and having a dip in the warm turquoise waters is enough to feel renewed and revitalized. We are so blessed to have the beauty of Seven Mile Beach at our doorstep!

Eating Well At Anchor & Den
With their signature salads and delicious sushi rolls, it is so easy to eat well at A&D! Some of our healthy faves are the Spinach Bunuelos, Roasted Beet & Citrus Salad and our popular Roasted Local Pumpkin dish. Check them out soon for a delicious but nutritious health kick!

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