Jun 9, 2015

Planting The Seed At This Year’s TEDxSevenMileBeach event

Introducing… Jason Nehra
Jason Nehra is a big man on campus. Since 2006, he has been the Faculty Head of Science at Cayman Prep & High School. Passionate about education, he takes great pride in the growth and success that the faculty has seen over the past nine years. Originally hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, he met his wife when he was travelling in Australia, achieved his teacher training in the UK and then moved to Cayman in 2003 to start the A-levels Physics programme at Cayman Prep & High School. Here we get to know a little more about him and try to get him to divulge details of his TEDx talk – unfortunately he is keeping his cards close to his chest!
A combination of two factors inspired Jason to get involved with TEDxSevenMileBeach. He explained: “Firstly, I felt that I had something to say and that the forum TED provides would maximize my talk’s impact on Cayman residents. Secondly, my wife Samantha is a self-proclaimed TEDster and her subtle persuasion (manipulation) was certainly at work here too.”
The theme for this year’s TEDxSevenMileBeach event is “The Life of an Idea: Plant. Nourish. Harvest.” When asked what this means to Jason and how he plans on exploring this theme within his talk, he said that he is very much coming in at the Nourish stage. He elaborated: “The ideas that I’ll be discussing won’t be novel but they’re important ideas that haven’t yet gained traction here in Cayman. Essentially the talk will be a ‘call to action.’ All going well, we’ll move swiftly from nourish to harvest over the next 12 months.”
And Jason’s current state of mind? Excited. He concluded: “I’m really excited about the conference. I’m experiencing the usual, nervous doubts that accompany time spent on stage in front of a camera, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to relax into it on the day and enjoy the spotlight and all of the other talks too.”
Jason has piqued our imagination. We are looking forward to his talk tomorrow (10 June) at the TEDxSevenMileBeach Conference taking place at our Beach House when all shall be revealed! Do you have your tickets? There is still time to apply – visit their website for more information.

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