Nov 19, 2019

Poems of Abundance: Exhaling Vitality

Exclusively written for the Beach House by Our
Resident Poet

For Abundance 2019: A Year To Honour Your Fullest Self, we are paying homage to the truest versions of ourselves. We are all about the word ‘abundance’ at our Beach House. The true meaning of abundance goes beyond just simply having or acquiring more; it is bigger and more all-encompassing than that. Abundance is a feeling – it is something that is already there that just needs to be tapped in to. Abundance is gratitude and seeing the richness in every moment. Abundance is love. And more and more, people are realising that abundance is a choice.

We believe that one of the four paths to abundance is our connection to Vitality so we aspire to live everyday with intention. We believe that feeling alive and doing things that bring joy are essential to honouring the fullest version of yourself.

To celebrate these paths to abundance, our in-house Poet (and a creative member of the Beach House team!) wrote a series of poems inspired by the four connections: Positivity, Vitality, Goodness and Balance.

We love how poems describe the world around us in a simple but meaningful way, with the use of beautiful imagery and metaphor. We thought it was the perfect medium to talk about the themes of Abundance, in a way that resonates with us.

We hope they inspire you to live your life in Abundance!

I feel your energy, your soul taking a breath in.
Exhaling vitality, abundance, acceptance.

You, a star, the only true source.
You radiate bright light, powerful and beautiful.

Those who gravitate to you feel your great presence,
Those who orbit you feel your great love.

This universe is based on a mutual understanding
What gives, also receives.

This life, a journey, a moment in time.
An opportunity to offer the world all that you are.

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