Feb 24, 2016

Recipe from our Beach House: Blueberry, Mint and Lemon Zest Soda

At our Beach House, we take pride in our handcrafted sodas. Not only are they made with the freshest ingredients; they also give off a beautiful scent while being infused. We offer one-of-a-kind selections including Pineapple & Hibiscus and Passion Fruit & Ginger.
At Anchor & Den, we were romanced by the concept of an Apothecary. Traditionally a place that sold elixirs and potions – we thought it would be the perfect inspiration for our Happy Hour program. Born out of our love for herbs and spices, these magical ingredients are the foundation for all our holistic cocktails and sodas. Our talented mixologists use homemade syrups, infused waters, flowers and dehydrated fruits to create their unique botanical blends. We consider our bartenders to be innovators and we encourage them to explore their creativity, from experimenting with basil-infused ice cubes to smoking liquors.
Here Daniele Fitzgerald, our Lead Bartender at Anchor & Den, shares the recipe for one of our delicious concoctions. Cheers!
Blueberry, Mint and Lemon Zest Soda
To create a simple syrup, combine the sugar and water
Two boxes of fresh blueberries
20 sprigs of local mint
Fresh juice and zest from six lemons
Soda to be added later
Add all ingredients (except the soda) into a pan and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for one hour.
Muddle juice out of the blueberries.
Strain and add soda.
Enjoy over ice with a garnish of mint.

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