Dec 26, 2018

Secrets To Everyday Happy Living – Create Abundance

For Kinship 2018: A Year To Get Consciously Cozy, we are going back to the basics. We are creating magic in the ordinary. We are committing to the present moment in its simplicity. We are taking pleasure in the small things in life and aspiring to make everyday tasks more dignified, joyful and beautiful. And this is a culture that we want to impart to our guests. We thought the word ‘kinship’ fits well with the theme because it represents community and one’s family, friends and loved ones – and that is exactly who we want to be share these special moments with.

We welcome you to experience our way of life and embrace our CaymanKind-inspired lifestyle. For the next few blog posts, we will be exploring what we feel are the Five Secrets to Everyday Happy Living.

These Secrets have been inspired by what we believe are the five universal themes of our local kindness: Find Tranquility, Create Abundance, Treasure Togetherness, Embrace Comfort and Choose Kindness and Positivity. 
For our Fourth Secret, we are dedicating ourselves to creating abundance. At our Beach House, we think that the secret to having it all is knowing you already do. We also like to believe that too much of a good thing is a very good thing. 

Activities that we offer to help guests express gratitude and create abundance include Art Classes led by qualified instructors who help unleash your creative spirit in a cozy and inspirational environment and Gratitude Journals where guests can document happy moments. This is a wonderful activity that has many positive health benefits such as promoting self-awareness and providing a new perspective of what is important to you and what you truly appreciate in your life.

In our pursuit for this Secret to Every Happy Living, we were captivated by the following quotes on creating abundance. We hope they inspire you to be grateful for all that the universe provides us.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” — Wayne Dyer

“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” — Lao Tzu

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” — Mark Twain

“You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might also pray in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.” — Khalil Gibran

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” — Rumi

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