Aug 17, 2017

​Small Pleasures Of Living In Paradise

Even living in paradise, it is so easy to take for granted the wealth of small pleasures that surround us. From the delight of watching children play in the ocean to the joy of a starry night sky; these precious instances do not require a lot of effort or money to experience – only the willingness to take the time to embrace the present.

At our Beach House, we aspire to carve out the time to acknowledge and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of everyday moments – those easily overlooked and forgotten. Here we offer a reminder of the small pleasures of living in paradise. We hope that they will help heighten our senses and return us to the world with a new-found excitement.

Watching children play in the ocean

You can sense the joy and enthusiasm of children as they play in the ocean. It is like you are living vicariously through them – the innocence of the children juxtaposed to the wildness of the sea reminds you of the simplicity of ‘just playing.’ Technology has become such a potent feature of childhood; kids are constantly being entertained by iPads, smartphones and video games. It is comforting to see children in their element – within the elements.

Savouring the starry night sky

Looking up at the night sky is a different experience every single time. There is a mixture of emotions – first we feel the enormity and magnitude of the world we live in and this sliver of the universe that we occupy. Second we feel small, diminished, almost unimportant, by the immensity of the mysterious cosmos above us. This spectrum of emotions can be overwhelming and yet we feel humbled and hopeful. Hours can be spent contemplating the meaning of life with the starry night sky as the backdrop.

Landing in Cayman

Nothing can describe the exhilaration that comes from the moment your plane begins to descend towards its destination. There is a sense of both curiosity and awe as the clouds start to shift and the plane cuts though the blanket of white that surrounds you. Then, all of a sudden, a splash of turquoise blue and a sea of calm waves awaits your arrival. We think that observing our tiny paradise island from the sky conjures up feelings of comfort, being safe and coming home.

Waking up at dawn 

It is 6:07am on a summer’s morning. This is earlier than you usually wake up and the house is quiet. All you can hear are the birds outside and the sun is only starting to make its appearance in the dark sky. There is a feeling of solitude when waking up at dawn; before the household becomes alive and is buzzing. There is a tranquil beauty in the silence and the atmosphere feels almost spiritual. This is one of our favourite moments before we get ready to battle it out with the day – a time when we can truly feel and be ourselves.

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