Oct 17, 2014


Our Beach House has been buzzing with excitement since last week when we opened our doors to guests and revealed our innovative new look and design. The transformation we are carrying out goes beyond a renovation – instead of simply painting walls a different colour, we are knocking them down and starting afresh. We are proud of the outcome so far!
In this blog post we give you a sneak peek of our better-than-ever Beach House. The inspiration for our new design embraces a Ship to Shore concept that embodies the themes of the spirit of openness, sense of adventure, craftsmanship and love of the islands. We are creating the relaxing and casual seaside ambience of island living by using neutral textures and nautical elements.
One of our main aims is to make the best use of natural light – being in a sunny tropical climate like Cayman it would be foolish not to! We are doing this by painting our walls a crisp and clean white and using a sun-bleached wood effect and light-coloured tiles on our floors.

The colour palette of all the furnishings again reinforces the use of natural light. We are focusing on neutral and light colours such as white and beige as well as tones of gray. Different shades of blue are also being incorporated as pops of colour that are reminiscent of the sea.
For the furniture, we are using different textures such as polished wood, leather and weaved fabrics to create fun, modern but comfortable seating arrangements. Wood is featuring heavily within the furniture itself (including the light fixtures!) This raw element adds a touch of authenticity and reminds us of being out in nature. It is a perfect complement to our nautical theme. Innovative seating abstracted from hammocks and other casual tropical forms are also being used to create a unique atmosphere. This is intended to be a multifunctioning space, where guests can welcome, gather, chill and collaborate.
Continue to follow us on our blog and Facebook to hear all about our continued transformation. And the best is yet to come! This month we saw the opening of our rebranded oceanfront restaurant and bar, Veranda and Vista Bar, respectively. But in November we will be unveiling our lobby restaurant, bar and lounge, Anchor & Den. We have butterflies in our stomachs just talking about all the exciting changes taking place!

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