Feb 9, 2017

The Beach House Guide To Letting Go: Awakening Your Inner Stillness

Life, even on a small island like Cayman, can be crazy at times. For 2017, we are dedicating the time to pause, breathe and look within. We are seeking out the opportunities to find our inner stillness. We want this to be a year of Awakening.
Luckily for us, our beautiful surroundings can help inspire relaxation. At our Beach House, there are a number of settings where you can relax, breathe and let go. At our Turtle Lagoon we have set up distinctive and comfortable furniture so you can take in the calm and serene atmosphere and peaceful music. At our beachfront, we have relaxation and flotation platforms available where you can decompress while staring at the sparkling turquoise ocean surrounding you. On some mornings, we also offer our guests the opportunity to take part in a meditative yoga session at sunrise. You can wake up and set your positive intentions for the day, while reconnecting with yourself and revitalizing your soul.
Deep breathing techniques can help rest your body and mind wherever you are. Mind, the UK-based charity for mental health, says that learning to breathe more deeply can make you feel a lot calmer and increase your sense of wellbeing. Making your out-breath longer than your in-breath is especially calming. They recommend the following simple exercise to improve the way you breathe:
Sit down, or lie down on your back. Make sure you are comfortable, and loosen any tight clothing
Notice how you are breathing, how fast, how deeply and how regularly
Put one hand on your upper chest and one on your stomach, just below your belly button
Slowly breathe out (count to 11)
Gently breathe in (count to 7), so that you feel your stomach rise slowly under your hand
Breathe out again (count to 11), feeling your stomach fall
Pause for a few moments and then repeat the process again
If you find that only the hand on your stomach moves, then you are breathing correctly. There should be little or no movement in your upper chest; your hand should stay still. Once you have learned to breathe this way, you may find you get into the habit of it all the time, and not just at chosen relaxation times.

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