Aug 10, 2017


At our Beach House, we are in full-blown vacation mode. So we asked around, are you the type of traveler who plans out every outfit before you go on holiday? Or are you the more spontaneous throw-everything-in-your-suitcase-at-the-last-minute kind of person? For some of us, a vacation only suddenly becomes real when the packing begins. 
All the weeks of planning, excitement and anticipation boils down to the moment you open your suitcase and start choosing the clothes and personal items that will help define your holiday experience. But where do you even begin? Pack too much and you might end up having to pay hefty baggage fees at the airport or pack too little and you might miss out on bringing important items that you will have to purchase when you reach your destination.
Check out our useful tips below on the art of packing:
Plan, plan, plan! Firstly, check the weather forecast of your destination and pack accordingly. What’s the point in packing ten turtlenecks if the forecast is predicting hot temperatures during your vacation? Secondly, consider all the activities that you will be doing – playing tennis, swimming, hiking, formal dinners or city excursions all require different attire. Planning will allow you to get an overall picture of what you are taking with you and will make it easier to weed out the items that you don’t need.
Create a packing list. This comes hand-in-hand with forward planning. It is best to start the packing process days before your departure date by writing a packing list of all the items that will be relevant to your trip. It is a fail-safe way to guarantee that you don’t forget those ‘can’t live without’ items. Another consideration when creating a packing list is choosing clothing and accessories that will mix and match easily with other items.
Divide and conquer. Many of us are prone to over packing. A good way to get around this is to lay out everything you plan to bring on your bed and then cut it in half. This will help you prioritize and reconsider whether every item that you are packing is essential.
Rock n’ roll. Many travel experts claim that rolling clothes is a better packing technique than folding. It takes up less space and your wardrobe doesn’t get as wrinkled. Also if you are taking any tailored pieces with you, it is also a good idea to turn these items inside out and tuck in the sleeves to maintain their shape. Click here for a fun tutorial on the rolling technique.
Travel-size it! You can purchase pretty much any toiletry in a mini version that will last the duration of your trip. Alternatively, you can buy mini bottles for liquids and creams – just make sure they are only three-quarters full in case of leaks caused by the change of air pressure during flights. The last thing you want is to open your toiletry bag to find that your shampoo has exploded everywhere (we’ve been there!)

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