Feb 20, 2017


At our Beach House, we start off every New Year with a different theme and focus. For 2016 we travelled to many corners of the world to seek inspiration with Wander 2016: A Year To Travel. Our experiences were full of adventure, surprise, joy and mystery – and we loved bringing back these moments to help inspire our creativity in Cayman.
For 2017 we kicked off the year continuing the theme of discovery, but this time from within. We have been exploring our minds and discovering versions of ourselves that we never knew existed. Our dream is for 2017 to be a year of Awakening. Amid all the craziness that is called life, we are searching within to find our inner calm.
Over the next few months, we will be going on a journey of the soul. Make sure to follow us on our blog and social media to find out what has been inspiring us to discover our true selves.
Our last few blog posts have offered guides on how to awaken your inner stillness. This year, we are also proud to be introducing other guest bloggers to share their wisdom and expertise. We consider ourselves to be a collective at our Beach House and we love collaborating with other like-minded people.
Just in time for this Friday’s signature Dark Night event, we will be featuring Lennon Mara, of Moon + Quartz, who will be sharing her astral provisions and advising us on how we can harness the power of this month’s New Moon to make our hopes and intentions a reality. She will be writing an exclusive post for our Beach House every month providing guidance on what to expect during this celestial cycle. We are so excited to have Lennon on board!
Watch this space for her special guest blog appearance on Wednesday. For more details on Dark Night, you can also follow us on the Anchor & Den page.

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