Nov 2, 2016

The Unforgettable Faces Of Our Beach House

Introducing Pamela from the Front Office…
Cayman has always been close to Pamela’s heart. Like many people who live on this beautiful island for a few years and leave but then decide to come back, she was here for almost a year and half during her first stay. During this time, she met her husband-to-be but they decided to go back to his native Barcelona for six years. They missed the island lifestyle so much that they chose to move back to Cayman in 2013. Since then they got married and had their first child – a gorgeous baby girl. For this reason Cayman will always hold a special place in their lives.
Currently she is one of the Front Office Managers, a role which she loves as she gets to develop a rapport with many of our guests. She explained: “I have been working in the Operations department from the very beginning. I love working with people. The part of my job that I enjoy the most is interacting with our customers and promoting the Beach House experience. I identify 100% with the Beach House lifestyle so I really want our guests to experience it and have the best vacation with us. What I love is that at our hotel, it is like you are at your own Beach House, on your own private beach. Big enough where you have all the luxuries, but small enough where you feel it is intimate and you see the same familiar faces everyday.”
You can tell instantly that Pamela is a people-person – it just comes naturally to her. She is outgoing, bubbly and has a beautiful and warm smile. She said: “I love to travel, that is one of my favorite pastimes. When I travel, I like to visit new places and get to know the place very well. I feel like I am on the other side here – when people visit Cayman, I feel like I have a responsibility to show off what we have here in the hotel and on the island. I put myself in our guests’ shoes and I know that I would appreciate having someone who could show me all the exciting things that Cayman has to offer.”
When asked what the one thing she recommends doing, she says with enthusiasm – diving! She elaborated: “Obviously it depends on the guest – some people come here for the beach and just to relax. For me, one of the most amazing activities that you can do in Cayman is dive. I personally love diving. If I know that one of our guests is interested in snorkeling I always encourage them to try out diving because our island is one of the best places to do it! And of course, our beach is incredible. Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! It is not crowded and the temperature of the water is perfect.”
One of the main reasons why she loves being part of the Beach House team is having the opportunity to create, innovate and be empowered. She said: “We feel empowered here. It is so inspirational! And for me that is very important. I am always looking into different ideas and new ways to innovate. This place allows you to be empowered. I love working with the people here. They are so motivated and they just love what they are doing – it is a very happy working environment and this joy is transmitted to our guests.”
Since she started working at this resort in 2013, there have been many changes to the property. Besides the hotel’s design transformation, our culinary program is now one of the best on the island. She explained: “The quality and authenticity of our Food & Beverage offering is amazing. There really is nothing like it. For example, when guests wake up they have so many breakfast options to choose from. They can have a freshly squeezed juice from our Juice Bar or a homemade crepe. For a snack by the pool, you can have homemade gelato – you really feel like you are at a Beach House! Also two of my favorite offerings are the Raw Bar because I love sushi and having that available everyday is a luxury. And of course, my all-time favorite is our El Mercat Tapas night. When I was living in Barcelona I loved the food so whenever I go to our Tapas night I feel like I am back there.”

So when Pamela is not working, what does she like to do? She elaborated: “I love diving. And I love the beach. I am from Bolivia and there you don’t have access to the beach so since I was little I always dreamt that I would be living in a place where there was a beautiful beach. I even went so far to tell people that I was going to get married on the beach! And it did actually happen! I got married here, on our beach. I met my husband in Cayman 10 years ago. And we had our baby here so for us Cayman will always have a very special place in our hearts.” It sounds like a dream come true!

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