Dec 12, 2016

​Travel and Become A Storyteller: The Beach House Wanderlust Diaries 2016

Cotswolds the Charming
At our Beach House, we have wanderlust running through our veins. We are a collective of dreamers, adventurers and escapists – yearning for the exhilaration that comes from trying something new or discovering a new taste or flavour. We are in love with cities we’ve never been to and people we have never met. Throughout 2016, we have been documenting our adventures in a blog series called ‘The Beach House Wanderlust Diaries.’ In this instalment, we are speaking to Laura Skec, Director of Sales and Marketing, about her escapes to the Cotswolds in England.
The Cotswolds includes some of the most beautiful countryside in England and is known for its rolling green hills, quaint villages, honey-coloured houses, thatch-roofed cottages, enchanting tea-rooms and cozy specialty shops. If you have never been to England it is one of the most quintessential places you can go. It is so charming that you feel like you have walked straight into a storybook.
When asked what Laura loves about the Cotswolds, she reminisces about discovering all the different small villages, each with its own identity and personality. She said: “I love hopping from town to town and discovering all the lovely places in between – whether that be a village pub or inn to encountering an antique market or little tea shop. I also adore the English summer, which is the time of year I usually visit the Cotswolds. There is almost a special culture that surrounds the English summer and people really embrace the sunshine and warm weather. Here in Cayman we are so lucky to experience amazing weather all year round but in England when the sun is out, they really make the most of it. Finally, the landscape is incredibly beautiful – full of gently rolling hills, lush greenery and picturesque canals.”
When asked how the Cotswolds inspires Laura, she talks about how being there is all about devoting time to loved ones. She explains: “My life can be very hectic in Cayman and being in the Cotswolds really allows me to have some downtime. My husband is from a nearby area so the place feels like home to me. Also, I usually meet up with the same friends every year when I am there so spending time with them in such a beautiful place is really special. Being there inspires me to slow down and take the time to share precious moments with my family and friends. I also love how everything is so tasteful. From the food to all the products that you can buy in the markets – many things are organic, handcrafted and locally-made.”
When asked what she will never forget about the Cotswolds, she highlights the rich history of the region. She elaborates: “I love how the area is steeped in culture and history and the fact that so many civilizations have passed through its lands. It is also the world of Shakespeare and I really enjoy visiting the different museums and historical sites dedicated to this literary icon. I am never bored when I am in the Cotswolds – there is so much to do, learn and discover!”
Laura’s Top Three Things To Do In The Cotswolds:
Wild Rabbit: Beautiful 18th century inn located in Kingham. The restaurant is known for using home-grown and seasonal ingredients. They have been recently awarded their first Michelin star.
Daylesford Farm: A unique organic farm in Gloucestershire that includes amazing accommodation, an award-winning spa, delicious restaurants and a retail space on gorgeous grounds. It is definitely worth spending the whole day there!
The Slaughters Manor House: A stylish 17th century country house retreat in the heart of the Cotswolds. Laura highly recommends enjoying their signature G&T menu in their picturesque garden while playing a round of croquet.
Laura’s Cotswolds Adventure In A Nut Shell:
Best food: Any Gastro Pub food, especially the pies served at Fleur de Lys in Henley-in-Arden, the chocolate covered honeycombs from Stratford-Upon-Avon, the house smoked salmon at Daylesford and the homemade orange drizzle cakes for sale that can be found at the entrance of many local farms.
Best drink: Pimm’s Cup in summer, Mulled Wine in winter.
Most memorable smell: Freshly-cut grass and the roses of her mother-in-law’s garden.
Fondest memory: There are so many! Meeting with friends and family next to a fire, a day at the Bamford Hay Spa in Daylesford, observing the way of life in the canals, picking raspberries while engaged in deep conversation with her husband and driving around the countryside while listening to good music playing on the radio.
Favorite landmark: Stratford-Upon-Avon. Laura is a big fan of Shakespeare so whenever she is visiting England, she makes time to watch a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company and visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace.
Top three travel essentials: Wellies, her camera and an Earl Grey tea always in hand.

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