Mar 29, 2016


New York the Noble
At our Beach House, we have wanderlust running through our veins. We are a collective of dreamers, adventurers and escapists – yearning for the exhilaration that comes from trying something new or discovering a new taste or flavor. We are in love with cities we’ve never been to and people we have never met. Throughout 2016, we are documenting our adventures in a new blog series called ‘The Beach House Wanderlust Diaries.’
In our second installment, we are speaking to Lee Parry, Director of Food & Beverage, about his amazing experience in New York City. Vibrant, energetic, trendy and colorful – the Big Apple certainly lives up to its reputation of being the city that never sleeps.
Lee’s love for New York is due to its multifaceted persona. He said: “I like how in one city you have everything: creative food, cool architecture, cutting-edge design, an amazing night life and museums and galleries on every corner. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it there. It is a complete experience – there is so much to do there. Everyday is different and offers unique experiences. In five days, you can have five different vacations.”
One of Lee’s fondest memories of New York is walking around the city from 8:30am to midnight. He explained: “This ties in again about how diverse the city is. There is so much to explore and do there. One day we walked for 20 miles and we saw so much – from Central Park and Midtown to Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. I loved being spontaneous and not having a plan. My favorite part was trying out different restaurants. We visited a few that day. We did brunch in Central Park and I really liked the Chelsea Market. The variety of food there was just incredible.”
Lee’s top three things to do in New York
1 Hotel Central Park: This hotel embraces its surroundings in a tasteful and unique way. The moment you step into the property you feel that it is an extension of Central Park, which is located next door. Elements and textures of nature surround you. From the tripled filtered water system to the glass terrariums scattered throughout the room, the design and concept of this hotel is innovative and fun. They have a unique story to tell from a hotel perspective and it is wonderfully executed.
Chef’s Club in NoLIta: I loved the layout of this restaurant – you can see the kitchen line from your table. The dishes are all prepared in an open-plan kitchen so diners can get an up-close view of the action.
Beauty & Essex: I really liked that to get into this restaurant you had to walk through a pawnshop. It was like going into a hidden Speakeasy! The food was really good but what I enjoyed the most about the whole experience was the music. It was so original and varied – from the Rolling Stones to The Smashing Pumpkins to Usher. The sound and acoustics were phenomenal. It is definitely a cool place worth checking out.
Lee’s New York Adventure In A Nutshell
Best food: Local eatery, Ippudo, is a Japanese Ramen Noodle Brasserie in Midtown and it is absolutely delicious. My favorite dish is the Karaka-men, a spicy pork dish, perfectly accompanied with a bottle of Sapporo beer.
Best drink: Negroni was my staple during this holiday. And the Bourbon cocktail with smashed pears at Beauty & Essex was out of this world.
Favorite landmark: The High Line was once a stretch of elevated railroad on the city’s West Side. Abandoned for 25 years, hundreds of plant species took over, turning an industrial wasteland into a thriving ecosystem. Now it has been transformed into a nature-friendly park for locals and visitors. The views are fantastic and it is the perfect place to explore with your camera in hand.
Top three travel essentials: a warm jacket (during the colder months), comfortable shoes for walking those 20 miles and a wide-angle lens to photograph contrasts in the city’s architecture.

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