Dec 15, 2015

Wander 2016 City Guide: Berlin the Bold

Ah Berlin. The city of urban cool and all things cutting edge. The capital of Germany is home to many renowned universities, orchestras, museums, festivals, entertainment venues and the host to various sporting events. It is also well known for its richly textured history, avant-garde architecture, diverse nightlife and contemporary arts.
And for the modern traveller, you can’t help but be mesmerized by its vibrant culture, fabulous food and 24/7 parties. It may soon pass up New York as the city that really never sleeps.
Our love for the city’s glamour and grit made it an easy choice for our list of top places to visit in 2016. Read on to hear about our favorite things to do in this inspirational city!
Bike around the Tiergarten.
Experience delicious street food and affordable excellent Alsatian wines at the Wochenmarkt in Kreuzberg.
Indulge in the nightlife and the cafes in Mitte.
Enjoy the city’s amazing sunset at the Monkey Bar in the Bikini Hotel whilst indulging in great cocktails. Fun tip: the bar overlooks Berlin’s zoos.  
On Sundays, check out the flea market at Mauerpark.
Browse the latest art exhibition at the Kulturforum in Potsdamer Platz.
Bonus Track: Indulge on the street famous currywurst!

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