Oct 26, 2017

Words of Wisdom With Rachel Whitfield of Bliss Yoga Cayman

At our Beach House, we start off every New Year with a different theme and focus. For 2016 we travelled to many corners of the world to seek inspiration with Wander 2016: A Year To Travel. Our experiences were full of adventure, surprise, joy and mystery – and we loved bringing back these moments to help inspire our creativity in Cayman.
For 2017 we kicked off the year continuing the theme of discovery, but this time from within. We have been exploring our minds and discovering versions of ourselves that we never knew existed. Our dream is for 2017 to be a year of Awakening. Amid all the craziness that is called life, we are searching within to find our inner calm.
For our blog series called Words of Wisdom, we are interviewing well-known faces of the holistic community and asking them about their daily rituals for Awakening. This month, we spoke to Rachel Whitfield, Director of Bliss Retreats Cayman and respected Yoga & Pilates Instructor at Bliss Yoga Cayman. Here Rachel shares her words of wisdom on how to find peace within ourselves.
What is your daily routine to help you find and maintain your inner peace?
This will look different on a day to day basis. We go through seasons and cycles in life that feel more up than down, and more down than up… For me, staying connected to my faith in God and cherishing and nurturing my relationships and friendships, young and old, help me feel supported and guided. Being active most days helps me process pent up energy or emotion.  Solid sleep and down time are a must for me! 

Also, breathing is simple, effective, and overlooked! Your breath is connected to this moment. When overwhelmed, I try to focus on the what’s factually happening now, and decide the next best step. One thing at a time.  
Why do you think it is important for people to take the time to look within?
It’s so important to remember what you love about life! Ask yourself, “What is driving you?” “What did you love to do when you were 5 (6, 7, 8…) years old?” These are the things that make us feel alive and purposeful. Technology makes it easier than ever to connect with people from different time zones, but it also distracts us from connecting with the person in front of us over lunch or at home, and with ourselves when we are solo. We can check in anytime: pause and remember who you were, before the world told you who to be. Keep it simple.  
When on holiday, what are your tips for taking time for yourself?
Being on vacation is taking time for yourself! It is the perfect time to practice some restraint on the Wi-Fi and social media dance to digitally detox. Soak in the natural sunlight instead of the artificial, handheld screen light!  
Do you have any sayings or quotes that you would like to share with us?
There are so many good quotes! Recently I read: “Confidence is not, ‘they will like me’. Confidence is, ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’.”  
There are so many people-pleasers that bend over backwards to make sure other people like them. So often, someone else’s comfort is more important than our discomfort.  

One thing I know for sure: life wasn’t designed to be comfortable. There are hardships and hard decisions to be made. But, one day you grow up and realize people aren’t thinking about you, as much as you are thinking about yourself. Saying “no” to the invitation doesn’t mean you’ll anger or lose the person who invited you. And in time, it helps us find and keep the ones that are responsible, trustworthy adults like yourself; that share their vulnerabilities and boundaries with you as well.

From a wellness perspective, I want to highlight the importance of doing the things you love to do without goals or expectations. Simply start something without knowing where it is going. Start doing what interests you without having to gain accolades or progress towards accomplishment. Get good at wasting time in unexpected and spontaneous ways. This is how to take the work out of the things that bring us joy!   
Rachel is leading the CREATIVITY+WELLNESS retreat at a new and beautiful seaside villa, Sun Serenity in Rum Point, Grand Cayman from November 2nd – 5th. This fun, healthy and luxurious retreat will offer movement and wholesome meals along with creative artists’ workshops led by guest teachers.

For more info, click here or contact Rachel at rachel@blissyogacayman.com.

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