Jul 22, 2014

Change is in the air

Some say change is always a good thing. Others cling on to the familiar and take solace in consistency and predictability. But transformation takes on many guises. Change can take place on a physical, emotional or even a spiritual level. Some changes are obvious – the transition from day to night and the turning of the seasons. Yet sometimes the most substantial changes happen without anyone noticing – a subtle reformation that influences the way you feel and perceive the world around you.

Here at our Beach House, we are embracing change on many levels. Metamorphosis is our middle name. You can feel it in the air, notice the subtle buzz in the atmosphere and sense an underlying anticipation of what lies ahead.

Firstly, a new blog. Welcome. Here we want to share the Beach House Experience with you. It is a forum for us to give our thoughts, musings and anything that tickles our fancy. A characteristic day at our Beach House encompasses the sunrise, a day at the beach, living the Cayman life, the sunset and after dark. Our blog is inspired by these moments and will be the voice that we will use to tell our narrative, our story.

Secondly, we will be undergoing a major facelift of all our public spaces in September and October of this year. There will be an extensive redesign, transforming the look and feel of all our communal areas – that means our lobby, restaurants, meeting rooms and fitness center. We are so excited to unveil the enhancements to the Beach House when it is ready. Watch this space to hear of the changes to come.

Last but not least, we are becoming more vocal on our social media platforms. You will notice our increased presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

We will be posting new and fun content as well as sharing some fabulous photos. So follow us on social media – you never know, something we might say might inspire you or if anything, it is a charming perspective on living in paradise.

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